WILCO AG was founded in 1971 by Martin Lehmann, current CEO. Since December 2012 Wilco AG belongs zu Bausch+Ströbel. An innovative team of highly specialized scientists and engineers develops permanently new testing technologies and integrates these into fully automatic leak testing machines and systems. The design and assembly of these machines is performed in a modern, state of the art plant in Switzerland.

WILCO AG offers a wide range of leak testers in order to meet the demanding requirements of different industries, such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food, packaging and automotive. WILCO AG offers high precision testers covering all applications ranging from lab type up to fully automatic in-line tester, with capacities of up to 1'500 per minute.

WILCO AG has developed and patented testing systems for a wide variety of applications such as:

Differential pressure, pressure decay and pressure increase
Helium and other tracer gas technologies
Laser based Head Space Gas Analysis measuring systems for the detection of oxygen and other gases (for instance in vials)
High precision sniffing technology for the detection of aerosols
Ultrasonic testing systems for the gas bubble detection and seal integrity

The new vacuum based LFC (Liquid Filled Container) leak testing method allows for the first time to detect leaks on liquid filled products.

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Leading companies worldwide rely on WILCO testers.